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Super Slim is based on a herbal slimming remedy with all natural ingredients and is fortified with vitamins, 

Super Slim is not just a miracle slimming tea or a crash diet. It is all about taking a caraful measured approach to your health. Taken together with a balanced diet and regular exercise the results will be long lasting and easily sustainable.Losing weight and keeping it off can not only improve your general well being but can help reduce your risks of serious health problems.Such as a diabetes, heart faliure and stokes to mention a few. Super Slim tea is not just apppetite supressant. 
It works in three dynamic ways:It targets your excess fat. Suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolic rate.It works by stopping some of the fat you consume from getting absorbed into your body. Many people have felt differant after just seven days of use. 
DIRECTION TO USE18 sachets in each box. 1 sachet per day. Take 1 sachet and mix it with a cup of boiled water every morning before breakfast. For better results drink two liters or water throughout the day. 

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